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project management

Regardless of the type of assignment, Project Management is an essential component of project success. Our Project Managers will become strategic partners to your business by assisting clients in any situation where an experienced, flexible and senior person is needed to help meet short-term or medium-term requirements. The Project Manager will either manage a team of Mynt staff to ensure that the client’s project is completed successfully; or will work with the client team and run the project as though they were a member of your company.


Training is critical when it comes to executing the project in plan. Our focus is technology training related to Recruiting; we train in the client´s ATS (Applicant Tracking System). The training is directed to any person that will be using the technology whether a basic user or a super user. Training is also tied to every choice in the toolkit, being training in the new process, new governance and communication matrix or a recruiting training.

process engineering + technology

In order to hire people in the fastest way possible you need to have the right combination of process and technology. By analyzing the current process in depth, our consultants will create a best practice process to enhance both the recruiting process as well as the technology. The process will provide improvements to the solutions to maximize the outcome and reduce time to fill.


In order to embrace change it is important to communicate properly and accurately. For this, our consultants will partner up with our clients to plan and create a communication matrix that is both effective and clear. Within the change management work stream, our consultants will present an escalation path and methodology to support the recruiting transformation.


Partnering with Mynt

Our service offerings

Consultation on RPO/ Recruitment Strategy & Practices
Create a new RPO/Recruiting Implementation Methodology
Enhance current RPO/ Recruiting practice
Implementation Support to RPO/ Recruiting projects worldwide
Technology (ATS) Implementation/ Review & Enhancements
Translations Support for documentation and/or technology
Sales implementations support                                            
Consultation on RPO/ Recruitment Strategy & Practices


Mynt Services Overview

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Through the implementation of different ATS technologies, we help clients customize and/or enhance the system to support the recruiting process. We can provide the following trainings:

Technology training based on the current or future state process, oriented to Recruiters, HMs, HR or any other ATS user. Our methodology is to deliver training understanding the specifics of the system designed for each client.

Train-the-Trainer: Full end to end process technology training for Super User of future Trainees.

Most frequent technologies utilized: Taleo, Brassring, Lumesse TLK, iCIMS, Jobvite, Qazar, Avature, Success Factors, PeopleSoft.

Mynt can also translate the ATS content from and into English, Portuguese & Spanish.


Discovery, Design and Development of Current or Future State Recruiting Process Map. Through a deep analysis of the current practice, our team provides process improvements and recommendations to help companies maximize profitability and time to fill while minimizing costs.

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Creation, documentation and Training of Job Descriptions, Roles & Responsibilities, Communication Matrix and Escalation Paths related to the Recruiting Process.

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With a standard process Mynt provides tailored Recruiting and Head Hunting services all over the world. Job roles and recruiting strategies are designed and customized to meet client needs. These are executed to attract and capture top talent via social media channels and online resources. 

Recruiting services provided in English, Spanish and Portuguese.


Communication is essential to succeed in any new project. By identifying the key stakeholders and creating the appropriate Change Management and Communications Plan, our consultants are able to help companies generate higher acceptance rates and embrace change.


It is important to measure and analyze results after the implementation and service launch. Both the recruiting process and the ATS can be audited. Upon completion, results and projects list will be delivered to the client, who will then determine next steps based on the prior results.


Management and overseeing of RPO and Recruiting projects.